Children’s Day marks a very joyous moment for the Nigerian child. They look up to the day in splendid and great enthusiasm. Some of them engage in serious sophistry and academic discourse charting courses for the leaders of tomorrow. They often task their parents to take them out on special recreation, where they enjoy themselves in opulence (at their level) irrespective of the child’s background.

At the local government, state and national level, the day is not just commemorated with the declaration of public holiday (especially at the primary and secondary education level), but are often associated with programmes lined up to celebrate the children. Among the children being celebrated on that day are children from various backgrounds and down-trodden. There are also those roaming the streets, without any discernible family to fall back to. These two last classes of children are the most vulnerable. And so, it behoves on the society to fend for these less privileged children. And that is what the SOS Children’s Village shoulders.

SOS Children’s Villages is one of the largest organization in the world that works in 135 countries to help build families for children who have lost parental care or at the risk of losing parental care. The organization has been in existence for over 70 years and in Nigeria, for over 45 years.

The SOS Children’s Village Nigeria therefore organized a party for the SOS Children and children from Paikon-kore and Dobi communities of Gwagwalada Area Council to celebrate children’s Day with Over 300 children (200 from the community and about 100 hundred SOS Village) celebrating Children’s Day, with various forms of activities such as: Talent show, poetry reading and on the fun side: face painting for the children, with bouncing castle, clowns, comedians, dance competition, and lots more.