sos agric programmes

The SOS Children’s Villages Nigeria Agricultural Training / Mechanized Farm Project is here to support you to launch your life long Agricultural Career and Agricultural Business. In only few weeks we will help you to find out what you want to do, help you get skilled and make sure you get to work or get your Agricultural business started. Build your Agricultural Career / Agricultural Business in a maximum of 3-months start-up acceleration program developed to support young people in the rapid scale-up of high-potential Agricultural Businesses and /or pursue Jobs in the Agricultural sector.

With Build your Agricultural career / Agricultural business, The SOS Children’s Villages Nigeria Agricultural Training project offers you a unique Agricultural Career /start-up in your Agricultural business acceleration trajectory, customized to support your start-up in your most crucial growth phase. During the exciting training period all participating youths will go through a period of Self-discovery, Goals setting, Career/Business development, Job place readiness, products evaluation, and business strategy review, to develop a growth plan. In the weeks following, structured training on key drivers for growth and enhancement in the Agricultural and Agricultural Value chain sector will be offered with experts from all around the world. Throughout the program, young people will be supported by a network of mentors, content experts, and thought leaders. All participants will go through stages of Internship, Mentorship, and pitch their Career/Business growth strategy and plan for a Pitch/demo day within the program for a network of investors and potential partner

  • 1. Get access to a network of Agribusiness coaches / mentors and industry leaders who can support your Agricultural career / start-up in its growth phase.
  • 2. Create a Successful Agricultural career / Agri-business growth development plan.
  • 3. Receive hands-on intensive training on Agricultural career / business development, workplace readiness, product innovation & branding, and more.
  • 4. Learn from workshops, exhibitions, conferences, etc. on growth hacking, partnership management, and creative marketing strategies. All with a focus on growing your Career/Business.nt plan.
  • 5. Get the opportunity to pitch your Agricultural career / business idea to potential Employers and Investors during a Demo/Pitch Day.