BMZ edo project

The BMZ Project Edo targets reduction of child vulnerability through youth, family and community empowerment in Edo State. With funding from the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development Germany (BMZ) and the support of the Hermann Gmeiner Funds, Deutschland, SOS Children’s Villages Nigeria aims at improved protection of the rights of children and youth in Edo state through improved institutional capacity, functional community-based support structures and socio-economic empowerment.
The BMZ project has a ‘Youth Employability & Entrepreneurship’ component, which supports young people in Edo State in finding decent jobs or becoming entrepreneurs, by providing access to relevant employability and entrepreneurship training as well as linkages to opportunities that will enhance their chances of self-independence such as internship and business incubation.

All programme participants will go through a one-week introductory training aimed at building participants’ capacity to reach for greatness through series of sessions that will inspire, educate and coach, thereby causing a mindset re-orientation. The introductory training will help participants decide if they will continue in the employability (job readiness) or the entrepreneurship subcomponents of the programme.