sos school

We strongly believes in quality education as the means to break the cycle of marginalisation, poverty, violence and family breakdown, as it helps children to develop the necessary capabilities they need to live a life in dignity, with respect, and empowered to participate actively in their society. We therefore assure the access to quality education for all children, regardless of gender, ethnicity, faith, abilities, health or any other attribute.

To raise world leaders who are empowered to participate actively in the development of their Societies.

Courage, Commitment, Trust and Accountability

HGKG is a child-centred environment which provides opportunities for independent work and discoveries. It’s the ideal place for children for many reasons. It supports the development of independence and confidence in children. The Hermann Gmeiner Kindergarten Schools have children from 2-5years; the school is grouped into three main segments namely Reception (Chicks), KG 1(Cats) and KG 2(Elephants). Each segment has its own unique curriculum based on the Montessori and Froebel Philosophies.