SOS Children's Villages Needs

Apart from financial donations,we also welcome donations in kind. Our children are ever growing in number and in age as a result we are always in constant need of various every day items:

We are constantly in need of educational materials, books, stationery, painting and drawing materials, handicraft materials for our:

Our Kindergarten and Primary Schools:

  • Textbooks
  • Musical Equipment
  • Painting & drawing materials
  • Handicraft materials
  • Toys
  • Computers
  • Tables, Chairs & Blackboards
  • Books for our Vocational Training Centre
  • Books for our Adult literacy classes (Social Centre)

Our family houses & children are in need of:

  • Children’s clothes and shoes (for ages 1-14)
  • Window blinds, mattresses, pillows, bed sheets, children’s beds
  • Cooking pots, hot plate cookers, plates, cutlery etc
  • Irons, radio, televisions, top-loader washing machines
  • , and foodstuffs.

Personal Needs: Children's clothes and shoes (ages 1-14),

Our Vocational Training Centre is in need of computers, sewing machines and materials, books etc.

Our Social & medical center needs – drugs for children immunization, for malaria treatment and sewing machines, books for adult literacy, aso oke weaving and tye and dye materials etc.

Our Family Strengthening Programme needs – education materials for children within the communities, foodstuff and household items to support families within the communities.

Our Youth homes needs – beddings, cooking utensils, window blinds and foodstuffs, etc.

Our national office needs – air conditioners and flat screen computers. Publicity - airtime on tv or radion, print media space,

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